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Tag: career development

5 Tips for a Successful CareerFest

I wrote a new post on the Ashland University Career Services Center blog, 5 Tips for a Successful CareerFest. In this post I hoped to combine a number of resources students may find useful as they prepare for the event.

Identifying Suspicious Job Postings to Job Boards

Apparent scams and fraudulent job postings have been on the rise lately in online job boards. After two positions that we approved in Ashland University’s on campus job board ended up being apparently fraudulent or inauthentic, I sat down and took a look at what information had been provided to us, and there were a lot of inconsistencies in the postings that should have been red flags that the postings were not genuine. This post is intended for administrators of job boards as they review unsolicited postings to assist them in identifying what jobs may be worth double-checking.

NOTED Job Fair Checklist

I posted a list of recommendations for Ashland University students who planned to attend the NOTED Job Fair to the Career Services blog! Check it out!