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Republishing ePortfolio from Graduate School

It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since I completed my graduate studies at Kent State. It feels like it can’t possibly have been that long, but at the same time in reviewing my old portfolio, I know that I have grown a great deal as a higher education professional since completing my Master’s degree.

Ten years is an eternity in the timespan of the internet, however – and as a result, Google made a change last year to no longer support the version of Google Sites that this page was initially created with. As part of that change, my portfolio has not been published since September of 2021 or so.

I felt it was a waste to leave it offline, and in the course of migrating it to the new version, I have made some spot updates here and there. I tried marking most of them as updates by providing the update in a secondary-color text box. I also updated links and attachments which were originally included in the portfolio to make sure they still function, but aside from that, the content exists mostly as it did in 2012 when it was published.

Perhaps it would be worth doing a post here on my blog to update some things that have changed quite a bit – for instance, an update on my progress towards the professional development goals I set back then and how my goals have changed today.

A couple of odd things I encountered when making this update:

  • Although the new version of Google Sites doesn’t seem to support adding attachments, and I did not see the attachments as I was editing the site, they showed back up when I published the page. Very strange.
  • The published layout includes an entire sidebar that did not exist while I was editing – I anticipated it to look more similar to what I saw as I made the changes.
  • Initially the new Google Sites did not seem to remember the old custom domain I had set for this ePortfolio – but after I started to add it again and cancelled out of the process, it suddenly remembered that it was supposed to be available at a subdomain. Despite remembering this, it still was not actually accessible through the subdomain – probably because the process has changed since the previous Google Sites.
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