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Life Update 2017-18

It’s been quite some time since my last post, but hopefully I will be back to posting regularly again. Much has changed in the past year. I left my position at Ashland University last fall due to family circumstances. I spent late 2017 and the first half of 2018 helping as an in-home caregiver for a family member. As my time allowed, I continued working on my self-directed technology training, which was somewhat spotty given my circumstances at the time.

Once that situation resolved, I was able to reenter the work force in June in my new role at Bradley University, back in Illinois and only two hours away from the Chicago suburbs where I grew up. This position is similar in function to my previous position at Ashland University, but with a narrower focus – I am serving primarily students in the Foster College of Business at Bradley, rather than being an all-majors advisor as I had been previously. Hopefully this will allow me to better serve the students in the majors within the business discipline, as it could be somewhat difficult at times for to keep up with trends in all industries in my previous role. At Bradley, I am also more involved in the employer relations area, serving as the primary contact within the Smith Career Center for companies interested in recruiting our business majors. I believe this is to the benefit of both employers and the students, as I can better facilitate connections between students and companies by being in communication with both, and better help the students navigate their job search due to being directly in contact with recruiters in the field. I am also teaching one section of “Career Planning Strategies”, a sophomore-level course within the Foster College of Business, and I expect that to increase to two sections of the class in the spring.

Note: On this site, as I discuss my current position and career services overall, I do so in my capacity as an individual – my comments should not be interpreted as speaking for the university.

In conjunction with this new position, I have relocated to Peoria, Illinois and have been enjoying my newly adopted city. Overall, while this was a complicated year with many life changes, I am optimistic about my new role and I believe the challenges I’ve faced this year will result in a net positive life change.

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