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Summer/Fall Project: Getting Started with JS

I recently read a great article designed to let aspiring developers teach themselves Javascript in 5 months, and in July I decided to give it a shot for myself. The curriculum seems sound, and useful, but completing the curriculum as it is listed would require subscribing to like two different online course providers for 2-3 months, so I’m actively trying to substitute free resources and resources I have already purchased through StackSocial for the classes that are described each month, with the possible option of going back at the end and subscribing for one month to each service and taking all those classes at once.

So far, for the first month we’re doing all right. This first month is mainly review for me. The networking playlist by Thenewboston was a great way to gain more clarity on some of the concepts I was already vaguely aware of, like subnetting and types of networks. I’m already well versed in command line concepts but Zed Shaw put together a great resource there. One set of YouTube videos was based on the CS50 course, which I’ve actually already done at least half through edX. I’ve already put up a few websites, but I will still watch the video on that, and I think I will substitute the subscription course on HTML, CSS, and Javascript with a few on Stack Skills, at least until next month when we are advised to continue that course into the first Javascript section.

Overall, I’m so far glad I’m undertaking this and hope that I can keep on pace to complete the work according to the 5-month schedule. I’ll plan on checking in on this blog next month with an update on how this program is going.

Image credit: Cool Javascript Code at Game Bash by Iwan Gabovich licensed under CC BY 2.0

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