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The Promise of a New Year

In higher education there are few things as invigorating as the start of a new academic year. Going into my second year at Bradley University, I have several new goals for the new year:

  • Create a training video for the new version of Bradley netWORK (our job board)
  • Streamline assignments for the course I teach, BUS 220, with an eye on reducing complexity for students.
  • Develop and host internship workshops for Foster College of Business Students
  • Develop and propose an assessment project on student performance in the job fair setting
  • Recreate job fair assessments in a new platform (which will allow us to discontinue one of our paid subscriptions)

Additionally, now that I know more about my job, I am looking forward to making additional strides to benefit my students. Here’s to an exciting and positive new year to all in higher education!

Featured image: "Bradley_U_Alumni_Center" by Bradley University. Licensed under CC 2.0

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