Apparent scams and fraudulent job postings have been on the rise lately in online job boards. After two positions that we approved in Ashland University’s on campus job board ended up being apparently fraudulent or inauthentic, I sat down and took a look at what information had been provided to us, and there were a lot of inconsistencies in the postings that should have been red flags that the postings were not genuine. This post is intended for administrators of job boards as they review unsolicited postings to assist them in identifying what jobs may be worth double-checking. Continue reading

This site has been updated to a new theme – ZenPress – which will hopefully be a more usable day-to-day site than the former too-structured format this site had used. It’s my hope to continue to bring content that I’ve posted around the web in here for this to serve as my main website. Some of the things I’m working on bringing in include content from:

My web portfolio from Kent State
Ask Ubuntu
My attempt at a Ghost blog
My attempt at a Known installation which got kinda broken somehow
and other various older posts.

Hopefully now that the site is more comfortable for me to use, it will be my goal to post much more often. Hope you visit again soon!

Hello, world! I’ve started putting together my site and hope to add additional information here shortly.

But first, I want to give a huge thanks all the people who contributed to making this site possible:
Dreamhost, my excellent web host
WordPress, the creators of a wonderful CMS
Start Bootstrap, who designed this layout
ThemeArt, who developed a WordPress theme around this layout
– Twitter, for providing Bootstrap for free, which this site uses

And probably many others.