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How to Add a Network Drive to Plex on Ubuntu

Answer to "How do I add a network drive to Plex" (Ask Ubuntu)

One of the highest-rated answers I’ve posted on Ask Ubuntu is this (possibly outdated) response on one way to add files stored on a networked location to an installation of Plex on an Ubuntu server:

How To Add Storage

I don’t believe Plex has any way to access drives from a network location, but like this thread on Plex for Mac suggests – – if you are able to mount them within the local filesystem, then you should be able to do it with no problem.

  • [I’m kind of modeling this after the answer to this thread: ]
  • I’m not really that familiar with NFS, but this is how you can do it with CIFS (the successor to Samba – should be compatible with your MyBook if MyBook supports Samba).

You’ll need to decide where you want the mounted files from MyBook to appear in your filesystem. I would suggest something like /media/Plex. Once you decide, open a terminal and type:

sudo mkdir /media/Plex

(This assumes you don’t already have that directory. You’ll need to enter your password, because usually only the operating system edits things in /media)

Now, let’s install CIFS Utilities:

sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

Then, you’ll want to edit your /etc/fstab – this is what tells Ubuntu what to drives to mount (and where) when it starts up. You may wish to backup /etc/fstab first (in case something goes wrong your you want to undo this easily). You can do this by entering in terminal:

sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak

(Now you’ve got a backup copy called fstab.bak)

Next, to add your NAS. Still in the terminal, type:

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

This will open /etc/fstab in the text editor with write permissions. Don’t touch anything already added to the document, but add to the end of that document this line:

// /media/Plex cifs guest 0 0

Since you said there’s no password, guest should work.

*Sidenote: If you use a password protected NAS, use this line instead:

// /media/Plex
username={{username}},password={{password}},iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm  0  0

And replace {{username}} and {{password}} respectively.*

Now, to test, type in terminal:

sudo mount -a

And open Nautilus (the file manager). Your MyBook’s Plex folder should now show up in the left-hand sidebar!

So, also, you should now be able to “Add Section” in the Plex Media Server web UI by clicking the big + sign in the My Library section (below in red).

plex with "add section" highlighted

Select the type of media, and then you should be able to select the Movies or TV shows from your new /media/Plex folder (which is really your MyBook). I did the same thing with what I have available (I don’t own a MyBook, but I did the same thing with my readyshare, and here it is after mounting it in /media/readyshare, ready to be added as a Plex section:)

adding a section from a network drive (readyshare)

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