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First pull request of Hacktoberfest

It's Hacktoberfest again, so I submitted my first of four pull requests towards the Amahi documentation site, which was incidentally the first repository I ever used git for, a few years ago, when I was first getting started.

5 Tips for a Successful CareerFest

I wrote a new post on the Ashland University Career Services Center blog, 5 Tips for a Successful CareerFest. In this post I hoped to combine a number of resources students may find useful as they prepare for the event.

A Guide to Mastodon

Reading A beginner's guide to microblogging on Mastodon by Seth Kenlon and testing the "Link" WordPress Format and the "Like" IndieWeb Post Kind. I've been trying out Mastodon as a Twitter alternative for a few days and find it pretty interesting, although I find myself following nearly as many GNU Social users as I do…

NOTED Job Fair Checklist

I posted a list of recommendations for Ashland University students who planned to attend the NOTED Job Fair to the Career Services blog! Check it out!